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View Up The River

“Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building – NYC”. Photo by Street level.

Brooklyn Brdige And Manhattan

Photo by Andras Szenasi.

Blurred Manhattan

“I’m proud to say that I believe this is a quite unique perspective of Brooklyn Bridge and down town Manhattan. The entire skyline is unfocussed while a rusty fence is clear and lures the attention”. Photo by Alejandro Marquez Perez.

BMW NYC Salutes America

Photo by Susan Candelario.

Manhattan Trails

Photo by Andrew Rodgers.

View To WTC Lower Manhattan NYC

Photo by Susan Candelario.

Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Maryna Beliauskaya.

New York City: A View Of Lower Manhattan

“A View of Lower Manhattan taken from Dumbo in Brooklyn, showing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower”. Photo by Darren Loprinzi.

This picture was taken in Governor Alfred e Smith Houses, a neighborhood of New York, United States (Google Maps).


Photo by James Baker.

Sunburst Over The East River

Photo by Jerry Fornarotto.

This picture was taken in Financial District, a neighborhood of New York, United States (Google Maps).

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