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NYC Waterfront

“NYC Waterfront from a helicopter tour in 1999 the pilot of the helicopter informed us that the pier next to the warship is the one Titanic was supposed to have berthed at on its arrival to New York sadly we now know how that tragectly ended also the architecture in the background throws another tragic event in our history with the twin towers proudly standing on the skyline.I also think that the Warship is the USS Dwight Eisenhower”. Photo by Terry Kearney.

This picture was taken in Union City, United States (Google Maps).

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“View of Morning Sky Over Boston from Boston Common – Boston, MA”. Photo by Sean Sweeney.

Skyline | Reflection

“7DWF Saturdays: Landscapes”. Photo by Ronald Garcia.

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“A Dark Winter Night – Handheld from the Boston Public Garden -”. Photo by Sswee38823.

“Hamburg bei Nacht”. Photo by Kelvin P. Coleman.