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Different Sytles, different Eras

“2019/06/23: Three different skysraper styles blending together downtown. The 1992 1250 Rene Levesque bldg (Background). the 1962 CIBC Tower (Right) and the 1986 Laurentienne Bank building (Center left)”. Photo by Caribb.


“2019/06/23: The new ONF (NFB) building soon to open along the Quartier des Spectacles. maybe in time for the Jazz Festival”. Photo by Caribb.

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The Hague / Hofvijver 2019

“De lucht was helaas niet zo spannend als gisteren, maar”. Photo by Elvin.

The Hague This Afternoon

“I was bored a bit and decided to do a long exposure at a random location and ended up at a parking garage with a beautiful view of the church and part of the town hall.”. Photo by Elvin.

After Rain Comes.

“Walking through the rain in The Hague, the sun suddenly broke through for a very short time, and I grabbed my chance to capture this remarkable striking building.. ”. Photo by Elvin.

Police Lineup

“2018/06/20 – Not 100% sure what this is about. the blue police cars are retro looks. the black livery on the left looks like it might be an older version still while the black version on the right looks more modern. I did hear a police force in Montreal was going to either change their look to black or some of their cars to black but wasn’t sure which force. perhaps this is it. The partially hidden white car at the far left is the current livery”. Photo by Caribb.

Changing Skyline

“2018/06/20 – THis is not the best view of the city’s skyline however it will change dramatically over the next 5 years. 3 towers will go up around Place Victoria (Bliack tower will white columns), another (twin) tower of equal size will go along side the one under construction at the left. Several towers of similar size will go up further left of it (Quad Windsor project)”. Photo by Caribb.

Meco Building

“2018/06/20 – My old workplace when I was a student. the Meco building down in la Cité Internationale. This Steak Frist used to be a Brasserie. there used to be a huge garage door we kept open in summer on the first floor so we could look out over a parking lot. now that lot is long gone”. Photo by Caribb.

Roccabella Condos

“2018/06/20 – The Roccabella twin tower condos newly opened downtown”. Photo by Caribb.

Het Plein / Blue Hour / The Hague

“How colorful can The Hague be with the blue hour?”. Photo by Elvin.