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From The Rooftop

“Toronto from the Chelsea Hotel”. Photo by Katie Wheeler.

This picture was taken in Ryerson University, Canada (Google Maps).

College/ Spadina

“College/ Spadina, on visit to T.O. last week”. Photo by Steve Newman.

This picture was taken in Kensington Market, Canada (Google Maps).

A Sunny Beginning

“Another work trip in the books, another weekend in the city for me. Toronto was welcoming”. Photo by Jason Devoll.

CN Tower Waterfront

Photo by Euan White.

Ebb & Flow

Photo by Dustin William (on Instagram).

Toronto From The Islands.

Photo by Jcbmac.

Rooftop Vibes

Photo by Nickscolaro.

Rooftop Vibes

Photo by Nickscolaro.

East Enders

“Toronto skyline from Ashbridges Bay”. Photo by Dustin William.

80 Seconds Of Sunset

“Mid-June sunset over the Toronto skyline– shot from Polson Pier”. Photo by Brady Baker.

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