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“Looking from the end of the Murphy’s restaurant pier towards a section of downtown Halifax. Lights are coming on as twilight falls”. Photo by WabbitWanderer.

This picture was taken in Halifax, Canada (Google Maps).

Gotham City

“Dark (k)night”. Photo by Michael Evans.

This picture was taken in Newport, a neighborhood of Jersey City, United States (Google Maps).


“Bridge – White night”. Photo by Miguel Jorje Mayoral Hernando.


Photo by Bestcityscape.

Old Meets New

“The Albert Dock in Liverpool, provides an interesting contrast between the old and new parts of the city”. Photo by Matt Pomfret.

Interior Of A Modern High-speed Ferry

“Phu Quoc, Vietnam – Dec 16, 2017. Interior of a modern high-speed ferry in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Phu Quoc is a Vietnamese island off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand”. Photo by Phương Nguyễn.

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Suspension Bridge At Gothenburg Sweden Connecting Main Land To Industrial Area Of Hisingen In West Coast Of Sweden

“Suspension bridge at Gothenburg Connecting main land to Industrial area of Hisingen in west coast of Sweden. Colorful sky adding mood to the scene during gold hour”. Photo by Balachandra Jois.

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New York City Lights

“This is quite a popular viewpoint for photographers so I was quite surprised not to find anybody else taking pictures at this time. Don’t think it is very clear but on most of those posts, there is a perched seagull, silent and still, but I could feel their collective eyes watching every move I made and judging me constantly – quite an unnerving and eerie experience! I quite expected a scene out of The Birds (Hitchcock movie)”. Photo by Riyazi Muzammil.


“Samuel Beckett Bridge Dublin Ireland; Shutterstock ID 171688544”. Photo by 9784010.

“範例圖片”. Photo by MarvinBob.