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Dearly Beloved.

“My beloved SD70s are currently in the middle of a rebuild program, and while the rebuilds aren’t the worst thing ever, they sure aren’t EMD spartan cabs either”. Photo by Mark Thompson.

Mac Attack

“Even a dirty and worn out SD70MAC gets my attention. I don’t think I’ve every shot one (perhaps at all) and certainly not one in BNSF paint. So when the pumpkin finds itself on the head end of hot shot intermodal 211 I had to get out in front of it”. Photo by Mark Thompson.

The Waterfront Connection

“Pascack Valley Line deadhead X160 returns to Hoboken at East End Interlocking in Hoboken, NJ in preparation to turn west for train #1627 later in the afternoon. Powering X160 is one of the 20 GP40PH-2Bs NJ Transit owns that were rebuilt from former NYC/PC/CR GP40s in the mid 1990s to replace the U34CHs”. Photo by Russell Sullivan.

NS 304 – LM Cabin

“NS 3325 snakes its train out of LM Cabin on the Auburn Connection and onto the Dayton District. The triplet of EMD’s are leading NS 304 out of Columbus towards its destination at Middletown, OH”. Photo by Wheelnrail.

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