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Work In Progress

“Photo by: Patrick Younger @illashootxr”. Photo by Patrick Younger.

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“- not from tree leaves / urban nature, but from the wicked green glass on ‘that’ building near Fenchurch”. Photo by Мaistora.

Toronto In Early Summer

“Toronto, Ontario, Canada”. Photo by Risingthermals.

Railroad Bridge In Sunrise.

Photo by Ivan Volchek.

Urban Minimalism

Photo by Daniel Nebreda Lucea (on Instagram, 500px).

This picture was taken in Almozara, a neighborhood of Zaragoza, Spain (Google Maps).

Lotus Tower In Colombo, Sri Lanka

“Colombo, Sri Lanka – Dec 23, 2018. Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Colombo is the financial centre of the island and a popular tourist destination”. Photo by Phuong Nguyen.

BC Place Stadium At Night

“Taken from Hinge Park”. Photo by Wayne.

This picture was taken in, (Google Maps).

Lawrence Is A Town In Eastern Kansas With A State University

“Lawrence is a Town in Eastern Kansas with a State University”. Photo by Jacob Boomsma.

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Also London

“We’ve been here before, another PoV and perspective”. Photo by Мaistora.

This picture was taken in Lisson Grove, a neighborhood of London, United Kingdom (Google Maps).

Philadelphia 474

Photo by Nathan Arrington (on Twitter, Instagram).

This picture was taken in Rittenhouse, a neighborhood of Philadelphia, United States (Google Maps).