Category: Gwonie S. Nam

Jongro CBD, Seoul

“Seen from Malbawi Peak 말바위,”. Photo by Gwonie S. Nam.

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From Mt.Maebongsan

“Taken from Maebongsan 매봉산, the southeast hill of Mt.Namsan 남산, toward Jamsil 잠실 ; the Lotte World Tower is the highest building in Korea now”. Photo by Gwonie S. Nam.

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Malbawi View

“Lotte World Tower view from Malbawi 말바위 peak of Mt.Bugaksan”. Photo by Gwonie S. Nam.

Dukseom 뚝섬

“Toward Dukseom 뚝섬쪽, seen from Mt.Maebongsan 매봉산”. Photo by Gwonie S. Nam.