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Blue In My Bonnet

“With the distant Minneapolis skyline providing the backdrop, BNSF’s Coon Creek turn, L TWI8121 16I, slowly zigs and zags its way through Northtown Yard ducking beneath the hump on its departure out with 27 cars. Assigned on today’s train is a not so common EMD GP60 locomotive still sporting its original blue and yellow "Bluebonnet” paint scheme. BNSF 167 began life for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe in May of 1988 as ATSF 4008, part of a twenty locomotive order by the railroad. Prior merger with competitor Burlington Northern in 1995, this four-axle was once tasked with hauling some of the railroad’s hottest intermodal trains across the country but has since been regulated to yard and local freight assignments, such as the case here. Short of a BNSF patch job, a number change and some barely noticeable PTC equipment up top, this locomotive looks just as it did brand new nearly 32 years ago". Photo by Joseph Wagner.

This picture was taken in Columbia Heights, a neighborhood of Columbia Heights, United States (Google Maps).

7 Train At Sunset

“The 7 Train rattles past an elevated station in Queens with Downtown Manhattan in the background”. Photo by Ben Pearce.

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Waiting For A Train At Harlem-125th St

“View from Harlem-125th St Metro North Railroad Station looking south down Park Avenue towards the Metlife Building above Grand Central Terminal”. Photo by Ben Pearce.

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Bradenton & Palmetto, Fl

“Dear friend, here are 5 things you should know:”. Photo by Humble Christ Follower.

Dearly Beloved.

“My beloved SD70s are currently in the middle of a rebuild program, and while the rebuilds aren’t the worst thing ever, they sure aren’t EMD spartan cabs either”. Photo by Mark Thompson.

Is This The Dream?

“Yes it is. A steam engine going through my hometown and a Big Boy no less”. Photo by Elijah J. Jackson (EJ).

Bradenton, Florida

“Dear friend,”. Photo by Humble Christ Follower.

This picture was taken in Bradenton, United States (Google Maps).

The Blitz Across The Kingsland Marsh

“With a screaming Altoona-rebuilt geep in the lead, Train #57 to Port Jervis, NY bites into the curve just east of Kingsland Tunnel as it nears the end of its blitz across the Meadowlands”. Photo by Michael W Sullivan.

This picture was taken in Lyndhurst Township, United States (Google Maps).

Photo by James Fremont.

Chicago Cutaway

“A view of Chicago’s outer and inner layers, its peaks and valleys and lateral latticework”. Photo by Gregory Vozzo.