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Manhattan Trails

Manhattan Trails

Photo by Andrew Rodgers.

Connecting Osaka

Connecting Osaka

“Stayed on top of the Umeda Sky Building to be able to shoot the city lights of Osaka without any glass in between. The temperature was at 10C and I had nothing more than a hoodie but I had to endure it for an hour or so just so I could do what I came here to do. The results were great and I have a lot of frames taken here including ultra-wide ones and I’d probably be uploading them here in the near future”. Photo by Lemuel Montejo.

Passage De La Tempête « Freya » Sur Paris Cent…

Passage De La Tempête « Freya » Sur Paris Centre Et Aux Alentours Avec De Multiples Rideaux De Pluies, Le 04/03/2019 « 2 »

Photo by Julianoz Photographies.

South Minneapolis Highways

South Minneapolis Highways

“There’s a segment of highway stretch just south of downtown Minneapolis where 35W and I-94, the two main interstates through MN, meet and run parallel for about a mile”. Photo by Samuel Wagner.

Pulse Of The HeartlandsPhoto by Jonathan Danker (on …

Pulse Of The Heartlands

Photo by Jonathan Danker (on Facebook).

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Buffalo Bayou Park (Houston, Texas – July, 2017)“Visit to…

Buffalo Bayou Park (Houston, Texas – July, 2017)

“Visit to the beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston. Pictures from July 20th to July 22nd, 2017”. Photo by Corey Seeman.

This picture was taken in Fourth Ward, a neighborhood of Houston, United States (Google Maps).

Temple Of Peace And Tranquility“Jing’an Temple (Chinese:…

Temple Of Peace And Tranquility

“Jing’an Temple (Chinese: 静安寺; pinyin: Jìng’ān Sì; Shanghainese: Zin’ue Zy; literally: “Temple of Peace and Tranquility”) is a Buddhist temple on the West Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. Jing’an District, where it is located, is named after the temple”. Photo by Nathan Ceulemans.

This picture was taken in Lu Jia Zui, a neighborhood of Shanghai, China (Google Maps).

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Vision Of TomorrowPhoto by Jonathan Danker (on Facebook).

Vision Of Tomorrow

Photo by Jonathan Danker (on Facebook).